Exped cushions

These self-inflating pads are insensitive to sun, oil, perspiration, any kind of weather and salt water.

They are ready for use in seconds, comfortable and visually attractive; the perfect solution for relaxing, sunbathing and challenged sailing!

The waterproof, water repellent, washable and skin friendly textile fabric does not heat up unpleasantly during permanent solar radiation. An anti-slip-bottom guarantees a safe hold on deck. Flaties have a salt water-proof, high performance valve which is ideally suited to the needs of water sports. Additionally the floatable pads can be secured by using the strengthened eyelets.

Once deflated Flaties are reduced by 1/3 and can be stored easily into the enclosed storage pouch.  Flaties are made of an open cell Polyurethane foam core, which bonds the foam core inseparably to the hard-wearing fabric.

When you open the valve of a deflated pad, the foam core automatically sucks air into the pad and expands it up to its maximum size.

This procedure just takes a few seconds. Then close the valve and the Flaty is ready for use. 


This conventional 12V spotlight plugs directly into a cigarette socket. The Blue Eye Beam® eliminates reflective glare and protects against night blindness. It penetrates rain and fog more effectively than a conventional beam.

400,000 candle power, 10' coil Cord.


DF2200PX Handheld Sonar System
Use it in the winter to shoot through ice before cutting your hole. Use it in the summer as a range finder and temperature meter while diving. Use it as a backup depth finder on your pleasure boat or scan for channels in your dingy. No matter how you use it, the DF2200PX is one piece of equipment you should never leave the dock without. 
SideScan™ Fish Detecting Sonar
With SideScan fish readings, there's no guessing where the drop-offs are or where the fish are hiding. One press of the button on the DF2200PX depth finder scans an area for drop-offs, ledges, or hiding fish. Scan under weeds, lily pads, and docks for trophy lunkers right before you make your cast.


 Cockpit bags

These bags come in variety of sizes and feature a mesh pocket and self draining fabric pockets, ideal for flybridges and ribs, sports boats and keel boats.

Featured in this picture is the large bag measuring 470 x 350mm.

Prices range from £18.95

Le Step boarding ladder. 

Invaluable folding boarding ladder made of high quality moulded nylon.




Matelot bag.

Based on the traditional seamans' bag. Natural rope tie with it's hand tied wall and crown stopper knot. Full length material strap sewn to the body with extra strong cotton. It has a flap on the inside to cover items before sealing. 27" high and a 15" base. Made from strong 100% cotton canvas. Fully machine washable.


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