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 We have been trialling this product instead of Y10 and are extremely impressed with it.






A high strength, fast acting de-stainer for gel coats.  It is capable of removing most rust and water marks and mud staining.  We have found this is a very good product and comes out cheaper than other gel de-stainer.

August Race do a range of products including a liquid RIB Cleaner, suitable for both Hypalon and PVC tubes and Vinyl Rejuvenator which is a deep restorative treatment for vinyl and can dramatically improve the appearance of even old jaded upholstery.  

All three products we now stock in the Chandlery.










Starbrite Teak Cleaner is the first step in restoring grey and weathered teak. This non-acidic formula removes stains and restores weathered teak in one easy step.

  • Does not raise wood grain like acid based teak cleaners
  • Great for teak and all other fine woods
  • Safe and easy to apply, brush on with light scrubbing action and hose off

    Starbrite Teak Brightener is the second step in restoration of weathered teak. First clean teak with our Teak Cleaner then apply Teak Brightener to lighten the wood.

    Heavy duty Tung Oil based Starbrite Teak Oil. Fast drying formula. Apply multiple coats to make teak shine and finish last.

  • Seals and protects with UV inhibitors to resist weathering
  • Special formula penetrates deep

    Sea Safe Wash and Wax Cleans, shines and protects in one easy step. Concentrated for economical use. Leaves a protective coat of wax on surface. Biodegradable, environmentally friendly formula. No hard rubbing or buffing required. Excellent for use on fiberglass, metal and painted surfaces. 

    If you are interested in purchasing any of these items or would like further information please contact us by clicking here.  

    3M make a wide variety of marine cleaning products and we try to keep the most popular in stock. These include Fibreglass Cleaner and Wax, Fibreglass Restorer and Wax, Vinal Cleaner and Conditional and Marine Clean and Shine Wax. As usual we can source any required product not in stock for our customers. 
    4U-Concentrated Cleaner was originally designed specifically for the industrial and aerospace industry
  • removes stains from fiberglass hulls.
  • The original fiberglass stain remover. 
  • Easy to apply. Smooth blue gel specifically formulated to remove stubborn, unsightly stains.
  • Harmless to fiberglass gelcoats.

Effective against rust stains around engine exhaust ports or other fittings. Not a general cleanser and will not remove discolorations caused by oxidation, paint, tar or grease.

  • Rustproof and shatterproof jar. 340g jar.