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Mooring and berthing Escape to some of the best cruising waters in South West

Old map of Bere Parish: Old map of Bere ParishThe area surrounding Weir Quay boatyard is full of interesting and infamous charaters.

Local family historys can be traced back for many generations and the community spirit those earlier generations may have experienced is still very much evident today.


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Weir Quay is part of the parish of Bere Ferrers which includes many scattered farm houses and 5888 acres of fertile land, bounded on the east and west by the tidal waters of the Tamar and Tavy, and terminating at their point of confluence. It is noted for producing vast quantities of apples, cherries, strawberries, gooseberries, currants and the finest cider.

Bere Ferrers or Bere Ferris commonly called Beer Town, is a small village centered around the ancient structure of St Andrews Church. Bere Ferrers occupies the whole of the undulating and picturesque peninsula between the Tavy estuary on the E. and the Tamar on the W. This triangular piece of country was called Birland in Saxon times, from the Welshber, "pike, spit," or the Irish bir, "point," referring to the big spit of land between these two rivers. The Ferrers acquired the manor in Henry II's time and had a house near the water's edge on the Tavy, of which some remains can be seen in the present Bere Barton, chiefly the bottom stage of what was once a small keep-like tower.

The parish extends upto Bere Alston, now a small town and the principal part of the parish, originated in the time of Edward I as a mining settlement. The silver-lead mines were worked here from the 1290s intermittently down to the late 19th century Reginald de Ferrers obtained a market and fair here in 1295, and shortly afterwards set up a borough. As a parliamentary borough from 1584 to 1832, Bere Alston returned a remarkable number of eminent men, including Lord Chancellor King and Sir George Beaumont.

Local Historical News

27 May 1821 - The Death of Charles Stothard

24 September 1917 - Bere Ferrers Rail Accident





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