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Drinking Water Filters

If you find that you are getting unwanted tastes and odours in your drinking water then the simplest way to eradicate this is by fitting a water filter.

A traditional style of filter provides 2 stage filtration. They have a 5 micron filter, which will remove sand, algae, rust and suspended solids from your water and also incorporates an activated charcoal core which has anti-microbial and antiseptic properties to remove unwanted tastes and smells from your drinking water. They can be simply installed in the water line from your fresh water tank and can be serviced with ease every year.  It is always a good idea to drain the bowl when leaving any water filter over the winter to prevent the case from cracking.

Other water filters are available that use carbon to inhibit bacterial growth and remove tastes and smells but offer no other filtration properties, these too can be simply installed in the water line and can be serviced with no mess as the filter head has built in valves which isolate the water system whilst the element is being changed.

Another option is an inline type filter which is simply plumbed in to the hose underneath the tap and this will remove the taste and smells from the water, however this is just for removing the unwanted tastes and smells, it will not give filtration properties.  These are the least expensive filter but the whole unit must be disposed of at the end of the boating season and cannot be recharged or reused.  The traditional filter is more expensive initially, however the spare elements are less expensive than the complete throw away units and they filter water as well as removing the unwanted tastes and smells.

All water filters should be changed at least once every season.

Why use activated carbon?

Activated carbon is purified carbon (usually nutshells, coconut husk, peat or wood) that has been heated to up to 900 degree Celsius, which creates a network of small, low volume pores thereby increasing the surface area which can then absorb and remove the unwanted odours and tastes from water.

To discuss having a water filter fitted to your system please CONTACT US and ask to speak to Spencer who will advise you on your best course of action.