Haul out and re-launch special offer

Keep your bottom slick!

Here is a little trick to get more speed from your boat...  

Make sure the bottom of your boat is slick. You can wet sand your boat using 220 sand paper go over the entire boat and make sure you sand with the bottom of the boat not making any swirls. Next go over the entire bottom with 400 grit paper and make sure imperfections are sanded.

This is rather extreme but just REMOVING ANY FOULING will make a significant difference.  Try our haul out and re-launch offer with berthing for up to a month:


Special offer – £10 a foot* (inc VAT) 

Price includes:

  • haul out and shore up on hard standing for 7 days
  • pressure wash
  • rigging inspection when possible
  • safety checks to seacocks and skin fittings
  • check stern gear
  • lift and launch to mooring
  • car parking
  • dinghy and outboard storage
  • electric power and water
  • showers and loos
  • waste disposal
  • Wifi and coffee
  • Tide tables

    *  £   10 a foot for 7 days

        £ 13.50 a foot for 8 - 14 days

        £ 19 a foot for 15 days to one month.

  CONTACT US to book or for more information.