Yard Service Pricing

The following yard services are charged per foot when outside of the standard annual mooring contract.

Yard Service                                                        


 Per Foot

Haul Out and Launch (Each way)

 £ 5.75

Pressure Wash - below the waterline

 £ 2.50

Topsides - clean off waterline, wash'n'wax topsides

 £ 2.50

Decksides and cockpit - pressure wash

 £ 1.50

Anti-fouling (two coats, excluding material

 £ 6.00

Boot-Top (two coats, excluding materials)

 £ 2.50

Craning (one lift) - per hour or part thereof

 £ 65.00 

Mast step or lower by crane

Mast storage - per week/month

 £ 5.00 + crane

£  7.00/ £25.00

Haul out to yard trolley for inspection and re-launch.  

 £ 5.75 

Standard services quoted above are inclusive of VAT.

Non standard works are quoted at £32.00 per hour + VAT

After hours call out or prearranged after hours work (1700 - 0800 and weekends) charged at double time.


We have an excellent team of marine tradesmen employed full-time and year-round.

From running repairs to a complete re-fit, no job is too big or too small for WQB to undertake for its customers.  You can be assured of the highest standards of craftsmanship in timber, GRP and marine engineering.

Shipwright works in GRP or timber -  £36 per hour + VAT

Marine engineering & electrical works - £40 per hour + VAT