Boatyard Services

Image of boatyard services at Weir Quay

All our customers are asked to advise us of works and checks they would like carried out during the winter lay-up, or any extended period ashore, by completing a Laying-Up Instructions form.  In addition a number of external visual checks will be carried out by our staff and contractors free of charge, including rigging, stern gear, anodes and covers.

Launching at Weir Quay Boatyard

If we can, we will haul out when you want us to and re-launch at a date you agree.  It takes a lot of planning because space is limited on the Yard and it is usual for the first boats in to be the last out. 


We have a boatshed to carry out major hull works and re-fits that need to be under cover.


Yard service pricing

Laying Up Instructions