Gull has developed a range of very sophisticated machinery, computer controlled and meticulously maintained to ensure high production and uniform quality. Now with the introduction of a demanding Quality Assurance Program, they believe their products are the best that can be offered.

THE GULL "JOINTED" OAR  (below) is the result of considerable research and rigorous testing over a number of years. The tough, acetyl snaplock joint avoids the problems of denting and corrosion associated with metal ferrules. Sizes from 5ft to 7ft (1.5m to 2.1m).


 It was in one of the old Oxford University boathouses on the edge of the Thames, that Frank Collar started the business. The year was 1932 and with very few tools and no electricity supply, repairs to the college oars kept the new business busy...

With Frank being a keen rower, he could see the potential for business with not only the Oxford University, but also other colleges alike. By the time the Second World War broke out, the Collar reputation was sufficiently well established for Frank to secure a contract with the Air Ministry, to make oars for aircraft lifeboats.

Gradually the business built up so much that F Collar Ltd supplied oars for all the Olympic Games between 1952 and 1984,making the name instantly synonymous with premium quality racing oars.

 Although machines have made the job lighter and quicker for modern oar and spar makers, there is still a tremendous amount of skilled hand work involved. From the critical choice of timber to final stages of smoothing and varnishing, a Collars product has over sixty years, three generations and several working lifetimes of experience and expertise poured into it.

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