Painting Accesories

Paint brushes

Hamilton Acorn has a long and distinguished history. First established in 1746 in Norwich, England the company has survived two World Wars and several changes of ownership.

The present day company comprises several of Britain’s best-known brushmaking firms.

The Hamilton brand stands for everything that is good in hand-crafted, traditional excellence. Most of the specialist and larger brushes within the company’s range are hand-made using traditional methods and skills which are developed through extensive training programmes.

We stock the Hamilton Perfection range of bushes, Hamilton call these the 'Ultimate Paintbrush'.

They are made using a special head setting process for guaranteed head security. Made from a unique formulation of 100% pure china bristle for long life and fine finish with a satin tip for a smooth even paint finish. They do make a difference!


To ensure your brushes stay in top condition simply follow the cleaning tips below from Hamilton Acorn themselves.

 1.   Wash the brush in recommended solvent i.e. white spirit or water

2.    Use a comb to remove paint from the stock

3.    Wash in warm soapy water and rinse well

4.    Wrap in absorbent paper, lay flat until dry, then store in its original pouch

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