Customer Code of Conduct

Moorings and Storage - Customer Codes

We don't like rules any more than you do, but for the convenience of everyone we have prepared a Customer Code to explain current practices on the Yard and to minimise hassle or disagreement.

The following 'Code of Practice' has been drawn up  in accordance with the Standard WQB Terms and Conditions of Moorings and Storage and to provide guidance for all our customers.

Whenever possible WQB will provide parking for one vehicle per boat.
Please park in the designated area or indicated by WQB staff.
Additional vehicles should be parked on the road side.
Always leave your keys at the office so that your vehicle can be moved if necessary to allow yard operations.
Please let the office know when you expect to return: telephone if it is likely to be outside normal working hours and you need your keys.

Trailers and Cradles
Trailers and cradles not in use may not be left in the yard except by agreement and will then be charged at a standard weekly tarriff.
Cradles which can be stacked flat will not be charged.
Where cradles require erection and dismantling by WQB staff, the time taken will be charged at the standard hourly rate.
All trailers and cradles should be marked clearly with the boat name.

Boat Keys
It is very important to ensure that we have duplicate boat keys at all times to gain access and start the engine if required.

Pontoon and Slipway
The pontoon is available for temporary berthing and for loading and unloading. It is also used for day-to-day Yard operations. Please keep your stay on the pontoon to a minimum.
The slipway may be used for the launching and recovery of tenders and dinghies at any time, having regard for other users and Yard operations.
By arrangement the slipway may be used for the launching and recovery of boats on owner's trailers without charge, or using WQB equipment which is subect to standard service tariffs.

Maximum 8'
All tenders, inflatables, oars, outboards and equipment must be clearly marked with the boat name.
Outboards stored in the shed are not covered by the Yard's underwriters and are stored entirely at the owners risk.
One inflatable or ridgid tender may be left on the yard without charge.
Additional tenders will be charged at the standard weekly tariff.
When your boat is on a mooring, tenders should be stacked neatly in the dinghy racks and tied securely.
When your boat is ashore or on a mud berth, tenders should be either removed from the yard or stored under or on your boat.
Please do not leave launching trolleys in the yard at any time.

For security reasons, please notify WQB of the date and duration of the planned use of your boat.
WQB provides suitable mooring strops. You are advised to fit a secondary rope or chain, passing through the shackle at the bottom of the mooring buoy, for the better safety of your vessle. This is a requirement from October to March.
If you wish to use a pick-up buoy, please ensure the boat name is clearly marked on the buoy.
In general boats will use the same mooring for a season. For the safety of all boats and to allow normal Yard operations, it may be necessary to move boats permanently or to temporarily alternate moorings from time to time without notice.

Customers wishing to bring dogs on to the Yard, please ensure that they are on a lead at all times and that they leave no mess.

Tools and Ladders                                                                                                                                                                                          Due to Health and Safety Regulations WQB are not allowed to lend tools or ladders to customers.  You are advised that you should bring your own to use at your own risk.

Workshop                                                                                                                                                                                                        Due to Health and Safety Regulations members of the public are not permitted into the Yard workshop unless invited and accompanied by a member of WQB staff.