Special Offer: Haul out, re-launch with safety checks and a week shore storage.

Haul out to Yard for up to SEVEN days!
Take advantage of our popular offer of haul out for hull clean, maintenance and safety checks for JUST £10 A FOOT (inc VAT).*
Price includes:
  • haul out and shore up on hard standing for 7 days
  • pressure wash
  • rigging inspection when possible
  • safety checks to seacocks and skin fittings
  • check stern gear
  • lift and launch to mooring
  • car parking
  • dinghy and outboard storage
  • electric power and water
  • showers and loos
  • laundry and waste disposal
  • Wifi and coffee
  • Tide tables

*£  10 a foot for 7 days; £ 13.50 a foot for 8 - 14 days; £ 19 a foot for 15 days to one month.


Our team of highly qualified specialist marine engineers and shipwrights are available all year round for help and advise and we can provide all marine services.   Available at Weir Quay Boatyard: