A Brief Note on Liability


We thought it would be helpful to summarise informally the position between us in the event of an accident to or caused by your boat while it is at Weir Quay Boatyard (WQB).  It is a Condition of our Agreement with you for Berthing Mooring and Storage that WQB is not liable for any loss or damage caused to any vessel except where it is caused by our negligence.

From time to time it is inevitable that events occur on the river which cause loss and damage.  These include the dragging of moorings, breaking loose from a mooring or the collision between boats on moorings.  These events can and have occurred at any time of the year and in any conditions, sometimes without any fault or cause being found.  We have witnessed a boat, separated from its mooring, drifting gently seaward in flat calm water.

In order to protect our customers and our reputation, we have introduced procedures and standards to minimise the risks of such events.

  • Taking account of our location, all the moorings we lay exceed the specification for moorings standards set out by the Queen's Harbour Master.
  • Each and every mooring is inspected annually down to the ground chain and defective or worn components replaced with BS approved equipment.
              •  Visual inspections of the vessels and mooring strops are carried out on a regular basis throughout the year.
It follows from the Conditions in the Agreement that it is the owners/skippers' responsibility to satisfy themselves that their boat is properly and safely moored at all times.  In practice, WQB will often attach a boat to a mooring and supply and fit a suitable mooring strop.  We will also draw the owner's attention to any cause of chafing and may board the boat to stow an anchor or to replace the strop in a bow roller or fairlead.  None of this detracts from the owners' responsibility and the requirement that you indemnify WQB against any damage or claim caused by your boat. 

We have focussed on events which may happen when your boat is on a mooring, but the same principles apply when she is on hard standing in the Yard and during haul out and launching operations.  Consequently we have developed procedures and standards suitable to the particular conditions and circumstances of this Yard.

Fortunately such events are rare at Weir Quay and we don't want to give the impression that there is any greater risk here than in any marine environment.  The purpose of writing this note is to clarify the position and to avoid misunderstanding arising after an unhappy event.

If you have any doubts or concerns about the position or safety of your boat, whether ashore or on the river, or if you would like information as to the specification of mooring tackle installed at Weir Quay, please contact Mike Hooton directly.

This note is written for informal guidance only.