Winter Moorings

Image of  December at Weir Quay Boatyard

Winter Moorings

Hard Standing 

Reserved for our annual berth holders, we provide hard standing storage in the Yard during winter lay-up. There are electric points to reach any boat ashore and there is no charge for electricity unless you require a permanent connection. We use traditional timber shores or customer’s cradles. Cradles must be suitable for our boat transporter and those supplied by the Yacht Leg & Cradle Company are especially recommended.

Customers are advised that it is kinder and safer for the boat to lower the mast during lay-up


Mud Berths

 Mudberth at Weir Quay Boatyard: Mudberth at Weir Quay Boatyard

Timber boats of traditional construction are generally better cared for afloat or in a mud berth during the winter so that the timber never dries. Because we enjoy looking after classic boats we have dug out individual mud berths alongside the Yard for them. This is conventional on the East coast but more unusual in the South West. These berths are accessible from the Yard and may be supplied with electricity. In the Spring these timber boats will be hauled out and scrubbed down for winter checks and anti-fouling before re-launching for the season.





The relatively protected waters allow us to offer winter moorings and the opportunity for you to keep sailing throughout the year. 

20-30 boats will stay afloat during the winter, all in close proximity to the Yard and checked each week. If you don’t mind the temperature some of the best sailing can be in the off season with clear days, fresh winds and no-one else around.

Winter Mooring

26 weeks £34 per foot                                        

13 weeks £23 per foot                                                                         

1 month £9 per foot