True Utility

True Utility is a leading provider of utility tools, pocket accessories and flashlights. All the products offer a 10 year guarantee and limited warrantee. We stock a wide variety of the True Utility products but below are a selection of our favourites. 


LED Torch Watch 


This innovative watch attaches to you belt loop or bag using a carabineer clip. It has a super bright white LED. Robust alloy watch case and Japanese movement. Water resistant. 


Features: Alloy body 8.3cm long, Carabineer clip, Bright white LED light, Water resistant, Japanese watch movement


Belt Knife


A 5cm stainless steel knife blade, with a rubber grip alloy body and side clip. Knife locks into position when open and measures 13cm in total.



This neat and compact designed multi-tool has a range of useful tools. It includes a Phillips screwdriver, fold out pliers and small knife. Made from stainless steel and measuring only 5cm in length, it will fit snugly into your pocket or onto your keyring.



Turbo Jet Flame Lighter 


A windproof turbo jet flame lighter in a space age design casing. It is 7cm long and refillable. This little beauty is not for the faint hearted.





A stylish, quality, alloy bodied, stainless steel corkscrew with bottle opener and small knife. Simple but effective, ideal for party people everywhere.


Alloy body 11.5cm long, Stainless steel, Bottle opener, Corkscrew, Small Knife.




This super bright LED keylight with rubber push button is 7.2cm long. It's aluminium alloy body has a carabineer style clip with a handy bottle opener. There is a choice of 3 bulb colours - red, blue or white. Includes 2x button cell batteries.
Features:3 Bulb choices - red, white & blue, 2x Button cell batteries included, Carabineer style clip, Rubber push button, Super bright LED bulb, Bottle opener


Three Flames  


 A windproof turbojet flame lighter in a cast steel body. By turning the barrel, you can change the colour of the flame to red, green or blue. It is 7.5cm long and has a transparent gas chamber and is refillable.


Features: Stainless steel body 7.5cm long, Turning barrel selects 1 of the 3 colour, flame - red, green or blue, Transparent gas chamber, Windproof jet flame, Refillable.



Tiny Torch 


Only 6cm long and has a very strong light, it is ideal to carry on your key ring. You have a choice of 3 different bulb colours - red, white and blue. Includes 4x micro batteries. This little torch packs a punch.


Features: Allow body 6cm long, 4x Micro batteries included, Key chain attached, 3 Bulb choices - blue, red and white.


Clip Light 

This super bright LED light is only 7.6cm longincluding it's carabineer style clip. There is a choice of 3 bulb colours - red, blue or white.  Includes 2x button cell batteries.


Features: Aluminium alloy 7.6cm long, 3 Bulb choices- red, blue or white, 3x Button cell batteries included, Carabineer style clip, Rubber push button, Super bright LED.


Micro Torch 

This super bright LED light; with rubber on/off switch is only 8.3cm long not including its contemporary spring-loaded key clasp (12cm total). There is a choice of 3 bulb colours - red, blue or white. Includeds 4x button cell batteries.


Features: Stainless steel 8.3cm long,  3 Bulb choices- red, blue or white, 4x Button cell batteries included, Contemporary spring-loaded key clasp, Rubber push button, Super bright LED.



Nail Clip Kit 

Spring loaded nail clippers with a small screwdriver, scissors, nail file and knife. It is made from stainless steel and measures 5.5cm long. A perfect multi-function key ring for men and women.
Features: Stainless steel 5.5cm long, Screwdriver, Nail clippers, Scissors, Key loop, Knife, Nail file


Slim Lighter


Fashionable slim and elegent lighter. Designed to fit into anyone's pocket with ease. A one click lighting mechanism for effortless use. It is made from stainless steel, is 7cm long and refill-able.


Features: One click mechanism, Stainless steel, 7cm long, Re-fillable



If you are interested in purchasing any of these items or would like further information please contact us by clicking here.