Wood coatings

  We stock a wide variety of wood coatings from standard varnish and paint to some pretty special alternatives.


We can order in almost any colour or type of wood coating for our mooring customers, if we haven't got exactly what you are looking for in stock, we'll try and find it.  We keep a plethora of Blakes paints and varnishes on the shelves, along with some others from the likes of Epifanes and International.


If you are looking for something a bit different take a look at some of our favourites below.

Le Tonkinois


We love this completely natural varnish and apparently so do the French Navy!






Coelan Boat Coatings







COELAN® is a liquid one component polyurethane coating that remains permanently flexible. COELAN® coating and the associated primer, filters away 99% of UV light and can stand up to salt water for years.




Due to its flexibility COELAN® will expand and contract along with changes in the wood due to moisture, heat, and mechanical stress,  and leaks are usually stopped. In addition; COELAN®  is extremely resistant to UV and withstands damage due to abrasion and foot traffic. In fact, COELAN®   contains re-growth properties which allow the coating to automatically mend minor damage due to scuffing and abrasion.




COELAN®  really does stretch!  Elongation is approximately 335 %. This means that COELAN® can be stretched to three times its length before breaking.




COELAN® coating has a micro porous structure which allows the transfer of moisture or condensation between the wood and the environment. This unique ability will prevent the properly applied coating from cracking or lifting. Deterioration of the wood is frequently a problem with most paint or varnish as moisture or the effects of UV light will erode the coating or wood.


Coelan Boat Coating Products are possibly the best wood coating and finishing products on the market. They will out-perform any high quality varnish and, once applied, will not require re-coating for many years.




If you are interested in purchasing any of these items or would like further information please contact us by clicking here.


COELAN® is a German company which is a leader in the industrial coating field. COELAN ® has specialized in designing chemical products since 1952. More recently, in 1992, COELAN chemical engineers adapted these building related products to the marine and boating environment.  COELAN marine coatings have enjoyed exceptional success in Europe. 



Le Tonkinois is a traditional varnish made by Vernis and contains no solvents or chemicals.  This natural varnish is made from linseed oil and tung oil, and as a result, sinks deep into the timber.  It is ideal for internal and external woodwork, with excellent waterproofing properties.  Because of the lack of chemicals it is almost odour free and is completely harmlass to touch or breath for both us and the plants.  It is highly resistant to temparature and weather changes and has good resistance to ultraviolet light.